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Peru promulgated new law to regulate the use of plastic products

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2018/12/21 10:46
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Xinhua News Agency, Lima, December 18 (Reporter Zhang Guoying) Peruvian President Biscara signed a decree on the 18th to regulate the use and production of disposable plastic products nationwide to control plastic pollution and protect the environment.
Biscara said at the presidential palace that the use of disposable plastic bags in daily life has become commonplace, but it ignores its environmental pollution. Therefore, "we must change this behavior." He called on state agencies, companies and every citizen to consciously abide by laws and regulations to protect the ecological environment.
The new law will come into effect on the 20th of this month. The new law stipulates that the use of plastic bags is prohibited when providing newspapers, magazines, printed advertisements and receipts, etc.; plastic bags of less than 30 cm in length and plastic straws are prohibited after one year of the decree; since July 28, 2021 From the National Day of Peru, it is forbidden to produce disposable plastic bags and tableware that is difficult to degrade. After three years of the law, it is strictly forbidden to provide disposable plastic bags to consumers and supermarkets.